FLOW system for regular folds

A straight-down curtain with beautiful, identical pleats? With our FLOW system it is possible! With FLOW, your curtain always comes in a uniform S-shaped fold, even when the curtain is closed.

How does it work?
With hooks in ordinary rotating gliders, the curtain is easily attached to the FLOW sliders. These sliders are always kept at the same distance by a smart, invisible cord that is placed inside the rail. The curtain is therefore covered in a S-shaped fold, even when the curtain is closed. The hooks are placed in a curtain ribbon with tabs.

FLOW can be applied to hand operated, cord operated and electric curtain systems.
FLOW fits all Goelst narrow-track profiles and all wide-track profiles (except 4900).
FLOW is the best solution for the well-known WAVE system, WAVE is not a Goelst brand or product.