Get the very best curtain rails!

Curtain rails in living room Curtain rails in living room Goelst curtain rail Curtain rails in living room Curtain rails in bedroom

Luxurious elegant curtain rails in your home!

Do you have panel curtains, closing curtains or drapes? Goelst offers an appropriate system for every type of curtain. Operation of the curtains by means of cord, manually or electrically - all are possible.

Want to open and close your curtains smoothly and as quietly as a whisper?
With Goest's G-Rail, your home has the very best curtain rails!

  • Elegant design, luxurious look
  • Noiseless, smooth skids
  • Custom bends possible
  • Room-width rails from a single piece, no annoying welds
  • Electrical curtain rails, too - can be connected to domestic automation systems
  • All RAL colors available upon request
  • Impact resistant rails with powder coating
  • High-quality aluminum rails

G-rail sales outlets

Visit a G-Rail specialist or dealer in your neighborhood. They will be glad to help you make the right choice, ask you about your custom requirements, bending curves and installation. Find a sales outlet near you!

Electrical curtain rails: the comfort of automatic curtains

G-Rail electrical curtains can be linked to your domestic automation system and operated by remote control. Luxury and comfort in your home! Furthermore, when you're away from home, you can also simulate someone being home - a comforting thought...

Swing: for beautiful curtains with a regular fold

A straight-seamed curtain with beautiful, identical folds? Swing makes it possible! With Swing, your curtain drapes everywhere in an S-shaped fold, even when the curtain is closed. Washing your curtains is also a lot simpler!